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Exclusive Website Access

Choose Your Pricing Plan


    Official TRTL Membership / Full Access
    • Items included in Member Plus
    • - Subscription length is valid for a lifetime
    • - Access to TRTL Plus Exclusive Website + Elite Page
    • - TRTL TV Access + Elite TV
    • - TRTL Milestone Gift Giveaways + Elite Giveaways
    • - Exclusive Raffles
    • - Receive 25 Raffle Tickets
    • - Receive 20% Merchandise Discount
    • - Receive 50% Event Discount
    • - Receive 20% commission rate for affiliate marketing
    • - Receive a custom NFT Lifetime Elite Pass + NFT Utilities
    • - Receive a physical Lifetime Elite Pass with display case
    • - Access to All Grand invitationals

TRTL Plus offers exclusive features and benefits that will elevate members experience

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TRTL OG Background 2.png

Og Pass

- Exclusive member access

- Valid for a lifetime 

- TRTL TV & Contest Access

- Tournament Event Access (20% Discount)

- An invite to any Grand Tournaments for a lifetime

- Participate in every Exclusive Raffle

- Receive Merch Discounts (20% Discount)

- Affiliate Access (20% commission rate)

- A Physical OG Pass & NFT!

- Limited Quantity of 25 passes only!




Our TRTL OG members will have lifetime access to a variety of goods and services to develop awareness towards our Esports organization. Obtain access to all TRTL benefits by subscribing to the TRTL Plus official membership forever! Members will be able to compete in live tournaments and participate in major projects, and bonus affiliate opportunities. 


 Please note: commissions are only available after an affiliate sign-up approval from Team Managers.


TRTL OG Plus passes are limited to 25 subscribers only!


Explore our membership only web lounge.

Updates on our projects will be found here.

Exclusive TV Gaming Series!


Become the first original member!

For exclusive access to events, discounts, and customized merchandise.


Our member-only content that is submitted by the members themselves.


We will be watching and picking our favorite ones to feature on our public social media playlist.

Eventually paying out the best clips for commercial use.


Tournament Bookings

Members will be able to reserve tournament spots to compete in cash prizes!


Submit a video to receive raffle bonuses  for instant prizes!


Grand  Tournament

Every season we will be inviting engaging members to a special major tournament to be livestreamed for a grand prize and trophy. 

OG Members will receive lifetime invitations.


Monthly Raffles

We want to value our memebers for being on the team

These giveaways allow us to engage and communicate on another level!

Merch Discounts

Our merch can be expensive due to our service fees and production fees.

As a member we will provide discounts on all items in the shop.


To allow our members to receive commission-based pay to help promote products and services

We are currently using an Affiliate website that supports a free wizard with custom codes per user who signs up.


Physical Pass

We are big trading card fans and have decided to ship out membership cards to display.

We will also include a non-fungible token for your card to have real world value.

Limited to 25 members!


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