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Enroll to become an original member of our esports company! A lifetime membership on our website, contribute to major projects and join us at exclusive events


A group of friends has been developing trusted networks gradually since 2009. We are childhood friends who grew up playing video games, competing in football, and getting educated together. To this day, we still continue to play video games and stay connected with each other. After several years, our group finally decided to create an official esports organization called TRTLGAMING

Our esports company was created in 2023 to provide professional, rewarding, entertainment for every casually skilled gamer. Our vision is to create a community of players to be influential gaming leaders. 

We now have an official esports company planning to compete against top esports teams worldwide. Host daily, weekly and monthly tournaments for members only! Introduce our fictional TRTLGAMING universe which will be our first significant project—allowing members to contribute and have commercial rights to our project. Finally, we will primarily focus on game and app development with our parent company. 

Join a group of dedicated gamers passionate to be a part of the industry in their own way. A lifetime membership that will include exclusive merchandise, in-game assets, event access, private chat, and project voting. Our goal is to scout for a variety of gamers who are interested in our competitive gaming, engaging communities, and major projects! 


Enroll to become an original member of our esports company.

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