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NFT Membership Cards

Claim your Utility NFT by simply sending us your Polygon Address down below!

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We have created a YouTube playlist for our members to learn more.

The Bale Universe.

Introducing a fictional universe of Testudines spread across a solar system called The Bale. This half-shelled reptile civilization inhabits various planets and plays significant roles in interplanetary affairs.

Indulge in the Bale Universe NFT Project for exclusive rewards! 

Project Timeline

December 2022

Utility NFT Membership cards

Become a season pass holder to receive a utility NFT Membership card. Access to the sandbox experience, discounts, a comic introduction, and access to our seasonal tournaments.

April 2023

The Bale Universe Cencept

The concept behind our project is introducing our community to crypto and non-fungible tokens. With this in mind, we created a metaverse concept story of our esports journey and goals. 

September 2023

The Bale Universe Announcement

A first look, at what we have created for our membership card holders! Learn the concept story, artist, and project plans for The Bale Universe. 

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